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Read what our happy clients have to say about us:

"As always I find your notes clear, insightful and extremely helpful. I... found your insights wonderful, most of which I have woven into this next pass (of the script). Thanks again for all your kindness, generosity and wonderful creativity." David Swann, writer/director 'Bonza'.

"Thanks so much for this... it's been a fantastic service. I'm looking forward to cracking out my next draft... and getting back in contact with Script Central again in the future." Sharyn Fewster, Major, Australian Defence Forces and scriptwriter, Gaythorne, QLD.

"A huge thank you for your outstanding assessment. You hit the nail on the head again and again, and your summary presents a way forward for us which I think is immensely useful. When we get a third draft out I hope you'll be able to assess it too with the clinical precision which is your hallmark." Richard Jasek, director, Melbourne, VIC.

“Your professionalism allows you to judge the material – not the writer – which many editors find difficult when scripts are not to their taste. Your input greatly increased the quality of my project.” Sam de Brito, writer, ‘White Collar Blue’, ‘Water Rats’, newspaper columnist.

"The notes I receive are always helpful and revealing, of flaws I was unable to see in my own work, I hope to continue to use your service for future projects." Bess Wattchow, scriptwriter, Trafalgar, VIC.

"Awesome notes that will definitely help to make the script stronger." John Soto, director horror films, 'Needle', 'Prey', 'Crush'.

“Thanks for your incisive work on ‘Yowie’. I agreed with many of your points. I particularly found useful your points which said “Scene point made, get out now.” This is a very useful way of thinking about things.”  Dr Laurence Anderson, writer/director of award-winning short film, Bronte, NSW.

"...Very in-depth and some valid points that I wil tackle for my next draft. I  had to mkae sure I wasn't wasting my time, but the notes have encouraged me to carry on." Emanuel Ruggieri, filmmaker, Carlingford, NSW.

“It was brilliant! I’ve even gone and bought a couple of books that Scott recommended I read. The assessment was very good value for money. I feel like I’ve made a discovery. A great service. The industry needs you!” Andrew O’Keefe, writer/director ‘The Independent’, Clifton Hill, VIC.

“Thank you so very much... for your in-depth notes and analysis. Your thoroughness, learned criticism and honesty is greatly appreciated.” Richard Wilson, actor ‘The Black Balloon’ and writer, Sydney.

"... Thank you for all your help and guidance. The script wouldn't be as it is today without your contribution." Vince Bailey, playwright and scriptwriter, Launceston, Tasmania.

“John reviewed my four Marx and Venus scripts, identified the two that I should focus on and helped me put them together so they were cleaner, more dynamic and much funnier. I have had one of these accepted by SBS. The money was well worth it for his expertise.” Andrew Biro, writer, Sydney.

“Just wanted to let you know that the screenplay I had assessed by Script Central, ‘Zealot’, found its way into the American market, which led me to one-on-one work with LA-based producer, Denise David who has worked on such films as ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ and ‘ET’. I found your service very helpful and would recommend it to any writer.” Nick Burnett, Warrnambool, VIC – writer.

“David is an absolute legend. His notes for me on this draft were amazing. … honest and very very helpful. I felt he was passionate about critiquing the script, which in itself is inspiring. Couple that with a bunch of thought-provoking ideas and great suggestions and I am extremely motivated to continue writing.” Armand de Saint-Salvy, 2009 Tropfest finalist.

“Two years ago Ian Pringle did some work for my film ‘Correspondence’. Well after a long time the film is finally going through post production… I am very grateful for the help provided by Ian and Script Central and will be using your services in the future.” Oliver Waghorn, writer & director, ‘Correspondence’ - Canberra, ACT.

“The notes are fantastic. Honestly. More than I expected. Please pass my gratitude to Anne.” James Robertson, writer (2 eps of ‘Two Twisted’) Noumea, New Caledonia.

“Thank you for again for everything you’ve done for me. It was fantastic to work with you. You pushed me along patiently but firmly to dark places I would not have gone on my own. You taught me a hell of a lot about the craft, and … to dig deeper and I’d like to think I’ve done that.” Phil McGrath, writer, Melbourne, finalist ‘Project Greenlight 2005’.

“Tone… Your assessment reads beautifully. I love your comments and advice. I’m so glad I got you to do a read on it. This script is a first draft for me, so your timing to take it to the 2nd, 3rd and final draft is perfect.” Sandra Sciberras, writer/director (‘Caterpillar Wish’) Melbourne.

“John was great not only with structure but also story lines and setting up jokes. Easy to talk to and liked my jokes! We came up for a better model for the Aboriginal Affairs TV comedy.” Fred Leftwich, writer, Lyons, ACT.

“Since I completed the first draft I’ve received over twenty comprehensive ‘Industry’ assessments including three in London. Some were super critical others glowing… some just scribbled out in haste relying on the McKee formulaic bible as gospel… None up until your assessment had a real grasp on the essence of the script… I’m buoyed that finally we have found someone who has made a concerted effort to understand the writer’s intention and articulated this in the assessment and for that I’m eternally grateful.” Neil Molloy, writer, Adelaide.

“Thank you very much, am impressed with the speed of your referral and assessment service! I will be perusing (John’s notes) in detail over the next few days. They are exactly what I was looking for.” Emma Flanagan, writer, Armadale, VIC.

“You’ve reinforced much of what we already knew was weak in the script (in a succinct and insightful manner) as well as pointing toward a few previously unseen areas. You have also provided a few very clever paths to go down in foxing these problems that I’m sure will give us much food for thought in the next draft. Your notes will prove invaluable in the development of the next draft.” Tim Maricic, writer/director, Perth, WA.

“Ian Pringle has been very easy to work with, providing a good assessment and some powerful ideas for improving my approach to the screenplay. I now feel confident in taking the next few steps to developing the story.” Phillipa Clarke, writer, Melbourne, VIC.

“Thanks a million for your analysis, it was so in depth and exactly what I was looking for, my biggest fear was that I’d get a skim over and a page saying that it reads good and the layout needs to be corrected. I can’t stress how much I appreciate the effort you went to.” Adam Ciancio, writer, Melbourne, VIC.

“I got your notes, Greg and found them to be excellent! I want to thank you for the tone of your comments and suggestions; it makes it a lot easier to start the task of rewriting.” Mike Yates, writer, VIC.

“Thank you for (Tony’s) excellent analysis and thoughts on future directions. I will proceed with rewrite 3 and hopefully come back for a more detailed analysis once the script is in much better shape.” Greg Bywater, writer, Newtown, NSW.

“I found the time with Anne’s notes very helpful in clarifying many points and identifying weaknesses. This kind of specific creative response hasn’t been offered by anyone before you. I feel stronger about ‘having another go’ as a result.” Bronwyn Davies, Central Coast, NSW - writer.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH! The notes look really helpful, and I will study them carefully. You have put your finger on all the weak spots and many I hadn’t seen, so thanks for your unerring analysis. Sincere thanks for your time and trouble.” Sharon Aisbett, writer, Perth, WA.

“The reader network doesn’t really exist here. Script Central is providing a great service. Keep up the good work.” Jack Douglas, writer, Bradbury, NSW.

“Great notes. As a producer I am soooo happy Script Central exists!” Liliana Munoz, producer, Byron Bay.

“What an awesome analysis of my script from Nick! I will definitely be using Script Central again for the Level 5 Full Script Edit.” Darren Burns, writer, Merewether NSW.

“Your assessment identified what the problems were, why they were a problem, and how I could best re-write, with examples of films to support your advice …It is extremely difficult to find such quality guidance and advice.” James Healy, writer, Melbourne.

“Scott’s assessment made a major impact in the script we shot and thank God it did! We’ve actually re-read it a couple of times during the edit and found it really helpful.” Andrew O’Keefe, writer/director ‘The Independent’ Melbourne.

“This initiative will help us and other emerging producers, to ‘sift the wheat from the chaff’. We felt the synopsis and accompanying notes supplied by Script Central were so comprehensive – and comprehensible – that the decision as to what to do with this project was reached with greater surety. Thanks again for an excellent service.” Brendan Guerin, VIC – producer.

“Thank you for the promptness and thoroughness of the report. You clearly put more than a day’s work into it…” Anne Darrouzet, producer, Melbourne.

“I like your switches at the end, so simple and very effective for the characters’ transformation. I am really pleased with the detail that you went into…” Dave Oakley, writer/director, Melbourne, VIC.

“For constructive criticism to strengthen plot, logic, character, dialogue and the craft of screenwriting I can’t go past you and your team. It was great that your responses were prompt and detailed. Well worth the investment.” Steve R. Coy, Senior Writer and AV Producer, Clipsal Australia, SA.