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(612) 9416-1827    Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

01 Our Services

level 1
Level 1
Script Clinic
1-2 pages of general script assessment notes or bullet points etc.

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level 2
Level 2
Script Analysis
4-5 pages of detailed script notes that cover plot, structure, character etc.

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level 3
Level 3
In-Depth Script Analysis
7-8 pages comprehensive notes on plot, structure, character,

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level 4
Level 4
Level 4 - One-off Script Edit
A/ Overview. 4-5 pages comprehensive notes on structure, plot, character etc.

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level 5
Level 5
Level 5 - Full Script Edit
Full mentoring on a draft of your script for up to six months.

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other services
Custom Level
Other Services
Short films and Documentary scripts/treatment; adaptations etc.

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02 About Us

Over 15 Years of Experience
We have helped over hundreds of script writers since our inception.
Let us help you get your script in better shape.
Industry Professionals
Our script editors are industry professionals. They provide a wealth of knowledge that you can draw on for your project.
We Work with you
We work with you to get the best outcome.
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03 Testimonials

Awesome notes that will definitely help to make the script stronger.”
John Soto, Director horror films, 'Needle', 'Prey', 'Crush'.
Your professionalism allows you to judge the material – not the writer – which many editors find difficult when scripts are not to their taste. Your input greatly increased the quality of my project.”
Sam de Brito, writer, ‘White Collar Blue’, ‘Water Rats’, newspaper columnist.
Thanks so much for this... it's been a fantastic service. I'm looking forward to cracking out my next draft... and getting back in contact with Script Central again in the future.”
Sharyn Fewster, Major, Australian Defence Forces and Scriptwriter, Gaythorne, QLD.
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Frequent Questions

How fast is your turnaround?

Regular service within two weeks, fast-track service within seven days.


Can I choose any consultant?

Yes, and if they’re available we’ll get them for you. If not, we’ll line you up with the right person for the job.


What do you charge for short scripts?

Depending on their length, usually from half to three-quarters of the price of assessments and editing for feature scripts.


Will you assess very long scripts?

We’ll assess scripts up to 160 pages long. But it takes extra time, so we charge an extra $2.20 per page for every page over 120 pages long.

Contact Us
T (612) 9416-1827
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